Bicocca – Third Day of the Summer School

16-SeptemberTodays’ program comprised a morning session and an afternoon conference on the theme “the concept of tolerance and ‘minority question’: anti-semitism, anti-gypsyism, and islamopobhia in contemporary Europe”.

The morning session was focused on Roma. Dr Giovanni Picker of the University of Viadrina presented a lecture “On Europe’s ‘minority problem’: a critical overview of Roma Governace”. The lecture was followed by a discussion with participants and the vision of the film with a final discussion.

In the afternoon the Conference “Plural society beyond tolerance” was held. It was chaired by Prof Moscati of the University and Prof Tatjana Sekulic of the University of Milan Bicocca. Professor Elisabetta Galeotti of the University of East Piedmont gave her speech on “the case of Charlie Hebdo: what can toleration teach?”

Prof Dino Abazovic of the University of Sarajevo and Prof. Roberta Sala of Vita-Salute San Raffaele of the University of Milan acted as discussants.